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Yesterday, I met David Semel, a producer and director working in Hollywood. I was with four other aspiring producers and writers, and together we spent close to three hours talking about David’s work, our own work and the industry. It’s not often that someone who has directed episodes of Beverly Hills 90210, Buffy, and the pilot of Heroes is sat opposite you, and I tried to make the most of the opportunity.

Sometimes, I think that when I meet people like this, or attend courses or events, something is going to strike me like a bolt of lightning and I’m suddenly going to realise how my career is going to pan out. Of course, this hasn’t happened (yet), but there’s one piece of advice that I always seem to hear.

“Just do it.”

David was telling us about a group of filmmakers who are out there, doing it. We talked about the changes in technology – both the digital versus film debate and the future of distribution and television drama formats. We listened to the casting choices behind ‘Heroes’, how agents package projects and the TV drama pitching quagmire. We discussed Welsh identity, the language and Wales on film. As always, the importance of networking (and how hard it can be to do) was high on the agenda.

While meeting David was enjoyable and even inspiring, there was no bolt of lightning. You can read as many books, attend as many courses and meet as many people working in the industry as you can, but ultimately, you just have to do it. Write screenplays, shoot films, edit footage. There’s no excuse anymore – a basic camera setup and home computer editing suite has never been more affordable. Learn your trade and hone your talent.

Possibly the most important thing that David said was that “good work will shine through”. Get out there and do some good work. Just do it.


Written by Matthew Redd

November 4, 2008 at 1:15 pm

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