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The 5th Day of Christmas

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I haven’t had much chance to blog this week as we’re now well into principal photography on ‘Avoiding Christian Bale‘. Today is the first day that the two male leads, played by James Kristian and Gareth Aldon, start shooting. We’ve already had four days with Amy Morgan and Kimberley Wintle, who have both been fantastic. The crew have been working extremely hard and we’ve managed to not only keep to the schedule, but even get ahead of ourselves at some points, giving Paul the director some valuable extra time with the actors. This, I believe, is partly due to the remarkable energising effects of the drinks supplied by one of our sponsors.

The first of many

The first of many

I wanted to write about distribution, but I haven’t really got the time to go into the depth I wanted to, so I’ll keep this brief, and instead point you towards an article here, written by Jon Williams*. Jon’s own blog is, in his words, more a series of articles and I think it’s definitely worth spending some time over. In this article, Jon makes some interesting points about North American dominance over the UK theatrical market. I didn’t see The Escapist, but I did catch Donkey Punch, which I thought worked pretty well and should find an audience on DVD at least, despite disappointing box office.

As an aside, the article here says that a once very successful independent music distributor has gone into administration. All sorts of businesses, particularly those that rely on retail and the sale of ‘hard’ entertainment formats like CDs, are struggling with the current economic climate. In film, cutting edge distributor Tartan went into administration in June and saw much of its catalogue bought by the Palisades Media Corp in New York.

At Tornado, we’re naturally very interested in distribution, and with digital developments, we’re working hard to keep on top of the situation and equip ourselves the best way we can. More news on what we’re doing on that in the future.

Meanwhile, I’m going back to set in a couple of hours to see how everyone is getting on. I’ll make myself useful by distracting actors with chit chat over coffee, and pinching the sound recordist‘s jammie dodgers.

*Jon is not to be confused with his Welsh namesake, the producer of ‘Cymru Fach‘, which itself had an experimental theatrical release across Wales, including sold out screenings at Chapter in Cardiff.


Written by Matthew Redd

December 5, 2008 at 10:52 am

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