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No Sacrifice, No Victory

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We’re into week 2 – today the editor starts cutting from the first batch of tapes, so we can get an idea of how it’s all looking. There’s not much scope in the schedule to go back and re-shoot any scenes, but editing this way is going to give us some sort of perspective of how it’s all turning out.

This post isn’t about ‘Avoiding Christian Bale’, however. I want to say congratulations to Mr Keith Lynch. Keith is a fellow graduate of the Film course at Aberystwyth, and this weekend he and his team won The Big Pitch, an almost X Factor style competition to win funding and support to shoot a microbudget feature. This means that Keith and the boys are now financed to shoot their psychological thriller Different Shades of Graham.

I have a lot of respect for Keith as he’s always working hard shooting films, writing scripts or making music videos. I believe that good luck comes to those who work hard, and he deserves this. I also tip him to be the next Michael Bay, as he has a penchant for action blockbusters and event movies, and the ambition and drive to make it happen for himself. You read it here first.

I know that Keith and co. enjoy a beer and I’m looking forward to buying a round when I see them next. Good luck Keith, David, Si and Brad with the film – I can’t wait to see it.

Back to work, it’s mad here.


Written by Matthew Redd

December 8, 2008 at 3:55 pm

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