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… You’ve got to think like Linford, as the old television commercial used to say.  I’ve been updating the CV and emailing & ringing around friends and former colleagues.  Oh, and applying for a couple of jobs.  Hopefully something will come up sooner rather than later.

A couple of articles worth reading here, particularly if you’re a screenwriter.  The first is titled Is Breaking Into Hollywood So Tough? and it’s by Doug Chamberlin.  Doug gives us an interesting perspective on what aspiring professional screenwriters might be going through when considering the odds of success in Hollywood.   If you need to put a positive spin on any situation that you might be in, Doug is the man to do it for you.  Timely for me.

The second article is definitely worth reading if you’re a fan of Indiana Jones, or interested in the screenwriting process within Hollywood.   Titled The Raiders Story Conference, it’s a commentary from a popular blog on a transcript from a meeting that’s recently surfaced on the internet.  I haven’t read the transcript yet (and I’m not sure how safe the link to it is, to be honest,), but I’ve been reading the extracts and the notes on the extracts from the blogger, and it’s fascinating.  The thought processes behind the story and characters in Raiders are all here – it’s brilliant.

I am also optimistic for City’s playoff (or even automatic promotion) chances – if there’s one example of a positive mental attitude out there, it’s this man.  Bluebirds.


Written by Matthew Redd

March 10, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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