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As you may have noticed from the official website or from the IMDb entry, Avoiding Christian Bale is now known as Big Font. Large Spacing. The hope is that the new title will make it easier for the film to find distribution. Before we came up with the original title, Christian Bale was just a film star, and now he’s a film star also known for shouting at people and has been the subject of a variety of internet parodies and mockery. The rhyming of Christian Bale with FAIL suddenly took on a lot more meaning when he blew his top on set. I’m not going to discuss that event here, it’s old news.

New news is that we’ve had the cast & crew screening of the completed film. We packed out one of the screens in Cineworld, Cardiff and took over the bar. It was great to see (almost) everyone once again – a few people couldn’t make it. I find it quite hard to judge the film now, having read numerous drafts of the script and seen various cuts of the film at different stages. It’s good to know that I realised my ambition of producing a feature film before the age of 30, even if I only just scraped it in before the big 3-0. What next?


Written by Matthew Redd

October 3, 2009 at 3:59 pm

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