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Holding Back The Tears

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According to The Western Mail, a performance poet from Cardiff has described the omission of Michael Sheen from the BAFTA nominations “another example of anti-Welsh bias”. Michael’s been nominated for three different awards in the past, but is yet to win – whether he cares about it or not, I have no idea. I haven’t seen Frost/Nixon as yet, and to be honest, I think I’ll give it a miss and see Role Models instead. Hopefully that doesn’t make me anti-Welsh.

Imagine if shed lost

Imagine if she'd lost

It’s awards season in the film world. The Oscar nominations are announced soon, and unfortunately Karl Francis’ latest film didn’t make it into the most recent shortlist for the Best Foreign Language Film award. Surprisingly, neither did Gomorrah.

As we know, the voting and nominations in all of these events are hugely influenced by the politics of the various factions within the industry, and of course the internal politics of the organisation hosting the ceremony. The Golden Globes (still weirdly described as “a barometer for potential Oscar contenders” despite rarely picking the same winners) was torn apart by Nikki Finke in her blog, where she described the event as “a completely meaningless awards show by a scandal-riddled organization”. Half the Oscars seem to go to whoever ran the best campaign and it’s been that for a long time.

That said, I look forward to any nominations for awards that I might receive in the future, regardless of who is dishing them out. Hopefully being a Welshman won’t stand in my way.


Written by Matthew Redd

January 16, 2009 at 4:56 pm

It’s Not What You Know

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On the last day of shooting Avoiding Christian Bale, I was chatting to James, the lead actor while making myself useless on the set. James is from a small town just outside North London, and coincidentally I have a few friends who live in the area, people I met when I was an idealistic and wide-eyed punk rocker. We started talking music, and it emerged that we actually had a lot of mutual friends. Not only that, but James’ brother was the drummer in My Dad Joe, a lightning fast skatepunk band.

When I ran a record label, I released My Dad Joe’s debut album (not altogether successfully for a number of reasons). I’d never met James before and I’m pretty sure his brother had left the band before the album was recorded, but I met him a few times at gigs in London, Cardiff and in other venues around the UK’s toilet circuit. Considering I only released 11 records in total, I thought this was quite a coincidence.

A couple of the guys from My Dad Joe went on to form Gallows after the band split up, and Gallows seem to be pretty popular at the moment. One of them left the new band before it all kicked off for them though. I have a feeling that I was at Gallows’ first ever gig, in a youth centre-type place in Watford. My memory isn’t great though, and so that might not be true.

People, or at least the media, in Wales are very keen on latching onto any minor connection that a celebrity has with the country and then claiming the celebrity as their own. I’m not claiming My Dad Joe, or Gallows, for Wales of course. But well done to this Bangor University graduate for winning some film award.

In other Welsh film news, Matt Freeth has started a blog. Let’s hope he updates it more often than Hooperman.

Written by Matthew Redd

January 13, 2009 at 12:22 pm